About Paul McGehee...
     Paul McGehee was born in Arlington, Virginia in 1960, and now resides there as a full-time professional artist with his wife Lois and son Cameron. He is primarily self-taught, growing up in close proximity to the National Gallery and other famous art institutions in Washington, D.C., to which he has been a regular visitor since he was a child. Also in the nation's capital, Paul studied at the prestigious Corcoran School of Art, where he worked with live models in a classroom setting. He has always admired the works of the great artists and illustrators painted in the style known as "luminism", those paintings which exude a quality of light from within the scene. In his paintings, McGehee is continuing this school of thought, while maintaining historical accuracy. Paul grew up near the Potomac River waterfront of Washington, D.C., the old port cities of Georgetown and Alexandria, and the Chesapeake Bay ... areas rich in maritime history that first inspired his interest in that field. His paintings have been described as pieces in which the viewer can look through a "window to the past", placing themselves in scenes which were at one time commonplace, but have since faded from view through the passage of time without being properly documented. McGehee captures the light of another age, and his talents as painter and historian merge. 
     Paul spends as long as one year researching a painting, visiting the actual site, working up preliminary sketches, a final drawing, and making a small oil study painting, to arrive at his desired color scheme and lighting situation. He then redraws the scene and paints the large original oil, from which the limited-edition prints are made. The finished painting is a thoroughly researched project combining historical accuracy with aesthetic detail. 
     Speaking to Paul can be a fascinating, often educational experience. He takes quite seriously the thorough research involved in his historical pieces, and makes every effort to retain accuracy in his paintings. Aside from the usual avenues of research, he will track down eyewitnesses to events and scenes he is to portray, with their verbal reminiscences adding color and meaning to things that would possibly otherwise be lost and forgotten. McGehee's paintings are of major importance in that they represent the bringing together of many scattered pieces of information from varied sources, otherwise destined for obscurity. 
     Paul is fascinated with the world and its different cultures, and travels quite a bit. On these excursions he will get ideas for new paintings. He has traveled several times to Europe where he created works capturing the beauty of Germany, Austria and France. The Caribbean beckons...and Hawaii calls.

     Paul was honored by having his painting "So Proudly We Hail" chosen as the image for "A Capitol Fourth", the nationally-televised Independence Day concert and fireworks celebration on the mall in Washington, D.C. Paul and Lois were VIP guests at a reception at the Capitol Building following the concert, where he autographed a special poster of that image to dignitaries and the evening's guest performers.

     Paul's works can be seen in several motion picture and television productions including "Windmills Of The Gods" starring Robert Wagner for CBS, and "Her Alibi" starring Tom Selleck.

     One of the projects of which Paul is the most proud is the painting, done in 1982, which was presented to President Ronald Reagan for his 71st birthday...the small watercolor "Pennsylvania Avenue - Market Square In 1911" showed the "Pathway of Presidents" as it appeared the same year that Ronald Reagan was born. After being placed in the President's private collection, and receiving a warm letter from Ronald and Nancy, the image was unseen by the general public for many years...but has recently been released as a print in the "Old Washington, D.C." series. The original is now in the collection of the Reagan Library.

     McGehee was asked to create an original painting on an egg that would represent Washington, D.C. in an Easter exhibit at the White House. The exhibit was on view during the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn, presided over by President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Paul's moonlit portrait of the White House painted on the egg is now in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute. 
     McGehee was a charter member of the American Society Of Marine Artists, and an Artist Member of the prestigious Salmagundi Club in New York, America's oldest arts club. Other organizations in which he participates include the Quarterback Club of Washington, D.C., the Steam Ship Historical Society, and Ducks Unlimited, to which he regularly contributes his work, aiding their waterfowl conservation efforts. Paul was honored by being chosen several times as the Ducks Unlimited Artist Of The Year by the Potomac Valley Chapter of D.U.. Paul has won lst Place honors and Best Of Show at the Nautical and Wildlife Festival in Ocean City, MD.. At the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Festival in Easton, MD., Paul was the featured artist, and designed the show poster image. 

     Not only have his works been honored, but also the quality of the craftsmanship in the production of his limited-edition prints. In 1992, the Printing Industries Of America, in a nationwide competition, awarded a coveted Certificate Of Merit to Paul for his print "Winter In Annapolis". 

     McGehee's works are present in the collections of the late former President Ronald Reagan, former President George Bush, former President Bill Clinton, Former President Donald Trump, Baltimore Oriole Cal Ripken, Jr., singer-actor Robert Goulet, Ted Turner, former Governor William Donald Schaefer, Lockheed-Martin, the U.S. Senate, Georgetown University, actor Barry Bostwick, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Neocera, Cardinal Bank, Legg Mason, Morgan Stanley, U.S. F. & G., Walt Disney Studios, Coca-Cola, singer Ben E. King, The Maryland Historical Society, the Baltimore Museum of Industry, the A. M. Best Co., the Marine Museum of Monte Carlo (Monaco), the Jacksonville Maritime Museum, The Ellis Island Museum, the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI Academy, singer K. T. Oslin, Port Authorities of New York and Maryland, the New York Stock Exchange, A. T. & T., Verizon, Virginia Power, Northrop-Grumman, the U.S.S. "Constitution" Museum...and countless private and corporate collections around the world.