Kobolzeller Tower Gate - Rothenburg, Germany

"Kobolzeller Tower Gate - Rothenburg, Germany," by Paul McGehee. The beautifully-preserved walled city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany is an historical treasure where one can see ancient buildings covered in the half-timbering known as 'fachwerk' many of which date back to the 1200's. So beautiful was this one village that, of all the towns in Europe, the animators at Disney studios modeled Geppetto's village in "Pinocchio" after it! The medieval walled city could only be entered through a few gateways where tolls were collected, many years ago. The Kobolzeller is thought to date back to 1360. Here we see a snowy winter's day at the famous gateway, with children sledding down the icy hill! "Kobolzeller Tower Gate - Rothenburg, Germany" is an archival-quality print in limited edition from the original ink and watercolor painting...hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

"Kobolzeller Tower Gate - Rothenburg, Germany" by Paul McGehee
Image Size: 10" x 7 1/4" ; Edition Size: 500 S/N
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