Lahaina Harbor at Twilight

"Lahaina Harbor At Twilight" (Original Oil Painting) by Paul McGehee. Ask a Hawaiian about the beauty of their islands, and you will often hear the phrase "Maui no ka oi"...Maui is the best. Known as the "Valley Isle" because of its lush terrain and dramatic mountains, Maui is one of the most popular destinations for travelers in the Pacific Rim. Maui is also rich in history, especially the old whaling port of Lahaina. Lahaina, located at the foot of the majestic West Maui Mountains, was once the seat of government for Kamehameha, the first king of all the Hawaiian islands. During his reign, into the 19th century, Lahaina prospered from the lucrative sandalwood trade. Later, Yankee whaling ships began using the port as a mid-way point to and from the rich whaling grounds off the coast of Japan. Whaleships generated income for Lahaina, but the wild breed of men on board these vessels brought despair, hardship and disease to the islands. Christian missionaries were soon attracted to the plight of the Hawaiian people. The whalers' credo of "there's no God west of the Horn" became a moral challenge to the men and women from New England who sailed to Hawaii to establish ministries and schools. The missionaries, working with members of Hawaiian royalty, helped once again to establish order in Lahaina. In recent years, Lahaina was a beautiful seaport village that included historic sites such as The Pioneer Inn (built in 1901), the old Courthouse, many fine shops, galleries and gourmet restaurants...and the giant, 150-year-old Banyan Tree. The brig "Carthaginian," was for many years a living symbol of Lahaina's maritime heritage, and was maintained by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, an organization responsible for preserving many aspects of the town's unique past. Serving until 2005 as a whaling museum, she was sunk to create an artificial reef and is now a popular diving destination. The entire town of Lahaina burned to the ground in a devastating wildfire whipped by hurricane winds in August of 2023. But the indomitable spirit of the Hawaiian people cannot be crushed...Maui and Lahaina will be back! Until then enjoy this artwork and the way it used to be.

"Lahaina Harbor At Twilight" Original Oil Painting by Paul McGehee
Painting Image Size: 24" x 48"
Price Original Oil Painting (Framed): $ 60,000.00 Purchase this Original

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