Morbid Manor - Ocean City, Maryland

"Morbid Manor - Ocean City, Maryland" by Paul McGehee. In 1975 something strange appeared amidst the other rides and carnival attractions on Ocean City, Maryland's amusement pier...Morbid Manor! A REAL 2 1/2-story Victorian haunted house, complete with ghoulish gardens where, amongst the vegetation, all manner of skeletons and other creeps pushed their way through the earth to grab for your ankles! This was not, however, your ordinary haunted house ride...Morbid Manor had a troupe of actors within the mansion who would pop out of nowhere as you felt your way through the dimly-lit corridors...some just to *chat*...and some to grab at your clothing. And then, there was the guy with the chainsaw!! For two decades of summers it was a vacation highlight for countless kids and teenagers. They would first hear the eerie organ music (mingled with the distant beachy sounds of the pounding surf and chattering seagulls) and enter the creaking doors of the Manor...only to run screaming on the way out!! The Manor was designed by the legendary Fred Mahana who had come up with similar spooky attractions at Wildwood, New Jersey up the Atlantic coast. For 20 years Morbid Manor was one of the most popular attractions on Ocean City's amusement pier. Sadly, Morbid Manor burned to the ground in a wintertime fire in 1995, and is now but a ghostly memory. Many today fondly recall the scary fun had behind the walls of Morbid Manor. "Morbid Manor" is an archival quality limited edition print of only 500 pieces, faithfully reproduced from Paul's original color pencil drawing, each print hand-signed by the artist.

"Morbid Manor - Ocean City, Maryland" by Paul McGehee
Image Size: 7" x 8 1/2" ; Edition Size: 500 S/N
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