"Nevis - Nisbet Beach" by Paul McGehee
Image Size: 10 1/2" x 19" ; Edition: 2,000 S/N
Signed and Numbered: $ 150.00
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"Nevis - Nisbet Beach" by Paul McGehee. A beautiful sunset...the perfect time for a stroll along Nisbet Beach on the Caribbean island of Nevis. The neighboring island of St. Kitts can be seen off in the distance. Once the site of a large sugar plantation, it will forever be mentioned in the pages of history as where British Navy Captain Horatio Nelson met the young niece of the President of Nevis, the widowed Frances "Fanny" Nisbet. The two fell in love and were soon married at Montpelier Estate on March 11, 1787. Nelson, as every British schoolchild knows, later went on to be the hero of the great Battle of Trafalgar, a tremendous victory for Britain but, sadly, it was during this battle that he was mortally wounded, dying on October 21, 1805. Nisbet Plantation later switched from the production of sugar to the growing and harvesting of coconut palms, and in more recent years has been turned into a world-class plantation resort. The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, as it is now known, is a popular destination for travelers looking for a stay in a unique Caribbean property, with 5-star dining in the Great House. It has also proven to be popular spot for couples to get married, and to spend a honeymoon in paradise which they will never forget. You may read more about Nisbet Plantation here. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. "Nevis - Nisbet Beach" is faithfully reproduced from Paul's original color pencil acrylic paint artwork as an archival quality print issued in a strictly limited edition of only 2,000 pieces each hand-signed by the artist.