New York

"New York (Original Oil Painting)" by Paul McGehee. The superliner S.S. "United States" passing the foot of Manhattan, bound for Europe in 1954. The area shown to the left would later be the site of the World Trade Center. The famous liner "United States", known as the "Big Ship", departs New York's Hudson River for a transatlantic run. The "United States" was THE liner to be on, and be seen on...luminaries from world leaders to Hollywood royalty (Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, to name a few) were regular passengers on her runs between New York harbor and Europe. To this day, for her class of vessel, she holds the transatlantic speed record, the "Blue Riband", set in 1952. The S.S. "United States", which has languished at dock since 1969 and has miraculously escaped the wreckers a few times, was recently (2003) purchased by Norwegian Cruise Lines with the intention of restoring her and putting her back into the cruise trade. This is the major painting for what later became the famous print.

"New York" Original Oil Painting by Paul McGehee
Image Size: 26" x 48"
Price Original Oil Painting (Framed): $45,000.00 Purchase this Original
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