Old Baltimore at Twilight

"Old Baltimore At Twilight" by Paul McGehee. The beautiful inner harbor of Baltimore holds memories for many people...memories of the days when you could go down to the "Long Dock" to buy watermelons brought in by the Chesapeake Bay skipjacks and bugeyes...memories of the downtown smells of roasting coffee and spices coming from McCormick's. In 1934, the Baltimore Trust building towered over the port, witness to the daily comings and goings of the passenger steamers that would dock along Light Street, close to the end of the steamboat era. The "President Warfield," built in 1928, carried people to Norfolk and back for 14 years under the flag of the Old Bay Line. She was just one of the many steamboats that sailed the Chesapeake carrying passengers and freight, but she was later to distinguish herself in the pages of history. As one of the "Honeymoon Fleet" of steamboats that the U.S. Navy took overseas during World War II, she was used by the British in the English Channel in preparation for D-Day. When the war ended, she was acquired by Haganah, the Jewish Underground Organization, and as the "Exodus 1947," was used in an attempt to ferry 4,554 Jewish refugees from war-torn Europe to British-held Palestine. Even though the vessel was met by the British Navy and all of the refugees were returned to Europe, the story of the "Exodus," and her journey, echoed around the world. She had become a symbol of the determination of a proud people in the effort to reach their "promised land," the new state of Israel. The former Baltimore steamer ended her days in 1952, burning at Haifa, Israel. The port of Baltimore does indeed hold many memories...and has many tales to tell.

"Old Baltimore at Twilight" by Paul McGehee
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