Old Easton

"Old Easton" by Paul McGehee. On the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland is Easton, one of the State's most historic towns. During colonial times, Easton was, unofficially, the capital of the Eastern Shore...it is now the seat of Talbot County, with the court house being established there in 1710. For years, Easton was a center of trade for area farmers, and many chose to build grand waterfront estates on the large tracts of land nearby. Back in 1895 Washington Street, running through the town's main shopping district, was a thoroughfare bustling with activity...ladies and gentlemen in their finery promenading past the old Brick Hotel, horses and carriages making their way down the dirt-and-oyster shell road, and delivery wagons bringing goods from Baltimore. Easton today is renowned for its annual Waterfowl Festival, celebrating the Canada geese and ducks that abound in the autumn months, bringing people from all over the country to town to view artworks and to visit the many quaint shops and restaurants located there. Still a center of commerce, the quiet town of Easton is where the past and the present gracefully live side-by-side.

"Old Easton" by Paul McGehee
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