Old Ocean City

It was a simpler time...an era of pleasant living. In the summer of 1915, Charlie Chaplin was the rage, and the laughter was louder than the rumblings of war in far-off Europe. Balmy breezes of salty ocean air rolled in with the Atlantic surf on the sandy beach at Ocean City; Maryland's "Resort to the Sea." The new boardwalk teemed with people dressed in finery out for a stroll, perhaps down to Trimper's Luna Park for a ride on the Ferris wheel, or to Conner's Restaurant for some home-cooking. Some would change at the bath house to play amongst the waves in their bathing attire. Others chose to watch from the porch of Cropper's Hotel...or the Windsor Resort...or the Eastern Shore Hotel. Was there a child who didn't have a favorite animal on the carousel? Ocean City is indeed a place of many memories.

"Old Ocean City" by Paul McGehee
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