Old Richmond on the James

It was the Spring of 1861. Richmond, Virginia's beautiful capital city on the James River, was poised to play an important role in history over the next four years. Our nation was divided...and a war between the states pitted brother against brother, cause against cause. The Civil War had begun. Richmond, long a center for commerce and transportation, was to become the Capital of the Confederacy. The Stars and Bars flag flew at Tredegar Iron Works first...and then over the State Capitol Building. Defended by the forces of General Robert E. Lee, the city of Richmond flourished in the early months of the war. Its factories and mills produced much of the goods for the people of the South. The people of Richmond maintained their strength and dignity as the war eventually took its toll on the city. By 1865 the city's downtown, once alive with activity at the basin of the Kanawha Canal, was reduced to smoldering ruins after a devastating fire. However, in spite of it all, the indomitable spirit of Richmond prevailed and the city was reborn. Today, the city of Richmond is a vital and diverse center for commerce and the arts; a city that has successfully combined its historic past with the present.
In creating this piece, Paul McGehee conducted extensive research on Richmond as it was in a time when little photography existed. The painting is the result of five years work, relying on etchings and written accounts, to accurately portray the town as it was at the beginning of the Civil War.

"Old Richmond on the James" by Paul McGehee
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