Old Town Alexandria by Moonlight

The beautiful town of Alexandria, Virginia, is located on the banks of the Potomac River adjacent our Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C. Originally one of Colonial America's major ports, Alexandria was established in 1749 to capitalize on the lucrative maritime trade of shipping tobacco. Merchants like William Ramsay and John Carlyle, who represented tobacco firms in England and Scotland, were among the first land owners in the young town. Other merchants included the Fairfax, Dalton, Washington, and Chapman families. In later years, Alexandria was to become home to George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and other statesmen. At the outset of the Civil War, Alexandria sided with the Southern cause. The town was immediately occupied by Union troops which remained for the duration of the war. Soldiers wounded on nearby Virginia battlefields were treated in the many buildings and churches serving as hospitals located in the region now known as "Old Town Alexandria." Today, Old Town Alexandria is a lively place mixing its rich historical past with its vital present. Nestled in rows along cobblestone streets stand beautiful old residences, some dating back over 200 years, restored and still in use today. Horsedrawn carriages carry people through lantern-lit streets lined with quaint shops, galleries and restaurants. Annual events such as the Waterfront Festival, the Christmas Walk and the Scottish Games, to name a few, draw people to Alexandria from all over the world. Old Town Alexandria remains a living reminder of our great nation's heritage.

"Old Town Alexandria by Moonlight" by Paul McGehee
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