Robin Hood's Hideaway

"Robin Hood's Hideaway" by David Winter. From 1987, this RARE FIRST RELEASE in the limited edition members-only Collectors' Guild series of Winter's cottages. MINT CONDITION in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING with all inserts! British sculptor David Winter is the son of famed sculptor Faith the 1980's his gypsum stone figurines of english cottages became HOT collectibles, with "Robin Hood's Hideaway" being one of the hottest! The sculpture is of the famous "Major Oak", a tree (still standing!) in which the fabled 13th-century outlaw and his Merry Men hid from the Sheriff of Nottingham's forces, deep in the heart of the Sherwood Forest. A real treasure of a piece, for David Winter Cottage collectors. Only one in stock.

"Robin Hood's Hideaway" by David Winter
Size: 5" H x 5 1/2" W x 5" D ; Medium: Hand Finished Figurine
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