"The Fun House - Ocean City, Maryland" by Paul McGehee. The famous Boardwalk attraction at Worcester Street (built in the late 1920s) is depicted as it appeared in its heyday in the 1940s. It was built by Thomas Conway, a carnival attraction owner from Atlantic City. For most of its career it was owned by Lloyd and Irma Jester and later their son, Lloyd Jr. The Fun House contained a maze of rooms...some of which contained air stunts, obstacles, tilting floors, distorting mirrors, a giant gorilla known as The Harris Devil, an octopus...and even a motorized bulldog named Bruno who would leap out at visitors! And, who could forget the infectious laughter of the "Laffing Sal" figure who would greet visitors with guffaws and waving arms as they entered?! Eventually, The Fun House closed after being responsible for over 40 years of laughter by the sea. It was torn down in the early 1970s and replaced by the Sportland Arcade. The memories, however, linger on. A lot of fun and laughs could be had back then for just a few pennies. And, whatever became of "Laffing Sal"? She is now restored and can be seen at the Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum on the Boardwalk at the Inlet...drop by and say hello! This scene evokes nostalgic memories of warm summer days at the beach, cotton candy, straw hats, and the sounds of carnival music mingled with the seagulls and surf. "The Fun House" is faithfully reproduced from Paul's original color pencil drawing as an archival quality print issued in a strictly limited edition of only 500 pieces each hand-signed by the artist.

"The Fun House - Ocean City, Maryland" by Paul McGehee
Image Size: 7 1/4" x 9 1/4"; Edition: 500 S/N
Price Print S/N: $ 50.00 Order this print

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