A treasure-trove of original paintings and drawings
by Paul McGehee,
most never before seen by the public...
now available for purchase.

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Down the Bay (study)

Old Baltimore Harbor (study)  SOLD  

Old Baltimore at Twilight (study)

New York (study)

South Pacific Rendezvous

Old C & O Canal (study)  SOLD  

Nantucket by Daylight  SOLD  

The Staten Island Ferry  SOLD  

Passing Thomas Point   SOLD  

The Schooner "Zaca"  SOLD  

The S.S. "United States"  SOLD  

Black Ducks Swimming

Cologne by Daylight

Cologne at Sunset

Cologne at Twilight

Stormy Passage (study)  SOLD  

In Tropical Waters (study)  SOLD  

Cinnamon Teal

Pennsylvania Avenue (study)   SOLD  

Black Scoters   SOLD  

Annapolis - Church Circle  SOLD  

The "Empress of Britain" SOLD

The Frigate"Constellation"    SOLD  

Miltenburg, Germany   SOLD  

Home Before Dark  SOLD  

Autumn   SOLD  

Tall Ship "Gorch Fock"  SOLD

Norwegian Freighter "Hornelen"

Passing Schooners

Ramsau, Germany

Guardians of the Sea  SOLD

Whaler "Charles W.Morgan"  SOLD

Rothenburg Tower

Black Ducks in Flight    SOLD  

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck  SOLD

Canadian Sunset  SOLD

The Yacht "Odyssey" Underway  SOLD