"The White House by Moonlight" by Paul McGehee
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"The White House by Moonlight" by Paul McGehee. This beautiful view of the Executive Mansion in 1905 is best described by the pen of Walt Whitman: "I wander about a good deal, sometimes at night under the moon. To-night took a long look at the President's house. The white portico...the palace-like, tall, round columns, spotless as snow...the walls also...the tender and soft moonlight, flooding the pale marble, and making peculiar faint languishing shades, not shadows...everywhere a soft transparent hazy, thin, blue moon-lace, hanging in the air...the brilliant and extra-plentiful clusters of gas, on and around the facade, columns, portico, etc. ...everything so white, so marbly pure and dazzling, yet soft...the White House of future poems, and of dreams and dramas, there in the soft and copious moon...the gorgeous front, in the trees, under the lustrous flooding moon, full of reality, full of illusion...the forms of the trees, leafless, silent, in trunk and myriad-angles of branches, under the stars and sky...the White House of the land, and of beauty and night...sentries at the gates, and by the portico, silent, pacing there in blue overcoats...stopping you not at all, but eyeing you with sharp eyes, whichever way you move". It was a time of great excitement in Washington, D.C. In the winter months of early 1905, the nation's capital was preparing for the second term of President Theodore Roosevelt, a popular and forceful leader who had been reelected by an unprecedented majority of votes.